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About NeoMotive

Hi I'm Neo, sole owner and operator of NeoMotive. I spent years as the Lead Troubleshooter at Cummins Orlando's renowned RV Shop, lending my expertise for over 6 years. I've been intimately involved in every repair leaving that facility, both directly and by training other Onan technicians.

My previous experience is in diagnosing diverse OEM and aftermarket automotive systems, with a specialization in upfitting systems and building custom engines. 
My background spans across construction fleet mechanics, and heavy equipment, to leadership roles in metal processing.


At the core of my philosophy lies an unwavering thirst for learning and mastery. My ultimate aim is to continuously elevate my technical skills, providing unmatched expertise that not only supports my family but also fuels my passion for fishing and cultivates my intrigue for automotive performance.


My ambitions can only come to fruition through the support of my customers. And although I don't mirror the approaches of big profit-centric businesses, I deeply appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction. Equally, I remain pragmatic; keeping up with evolving tech, accessing vital software, and obtaining necessary tools comes with costs. Balancing these expenses while delivering dealership-level quality is a challenge I'm enthusiastic to tackle every day.

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