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About Me

I am currently employed at Cummins in Orlando as the lead troubleshooter in the RV Shop. I have worked in this position for almost 4 years. Cummins in Orlando, specifically the RV shop has a stellar reputation for RV/Commercial Mobile repair. For the last 4 years I have had my hands in almost every single repair that has left the facility, either directly as there have only been 3 rotating employees at any given time, but also indirectly as I have personally trained any other Onan technician that came trough.
My experience prior to this Includes (but is not limited to)Torq'd Performance in Joplin Missouri where I specialized in troubleshooting any number of OEM and Aftermarket Automotive systems  from up-fitting turbos, superchargers and the systems that surround them, to building custom tolerance forged engines and countless accessories. I also have experience as a construction fleet mechanic working on light to heavy equipment and everything in between, I have experience in an industrial environment in a metal processing facility as a lead fleet mechanic and maintenance supervisor.
My ambition does not lie in milking every available dollar from my clients as it seems the larger companies from my past have. My motivation comes from a deep rooted drive to learn how everything works, to become the best technician I can become in my time, to support my family, my fishing habits and my love for automotive performance.
While I don't model my business after the large corporations from my past, I recognize their focus on the customer and without you my ambitions serve no purpose.  I am also not a charity. Staying up to date on technologies, access to software, tooling and providing dealer quality services is an expensive endeavor, this is a balance that will be difficult to achieve but I look forward to the challenge and working with you to manage it.

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